Doggie "Life" Stile

In Italian, the meaning of "Stile" is a fashion, way, manner, style and standard to live life. At DoggieStile, we aim to support the lifestyle of the bond between human and furry sidekick...and supply colorful, fun, and functional doggie swag for you both to enjoy! We know that our dogs are more than just our pets...they are the 4-legged furry best friends that we LOVE to spend our time with (Mine, Rocco and Emma, are pictured above).

Our purpose at DoggieStile is not just to provide fun and functional accessories for you and your doggie, but to partner with charitable rescue organizations locally and globally. With every sale, we will donate a portion of our proceeds to help other 4-legged sidekicks find a good home while spreading awareness of our cause (Emma, my pit bull princess, was also a rescue). The DoggieStile mission is more than just adding "Stile-ish" accessories for your doggie, but supporting a Doggie "Life" Stile that makes a difference. 

*Doggiestile is committed to providing funding for care to animals worldwide.  A percentage of all merchandise purchased on this site goes towards helping animals in need of shelter and security.

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